Weekly Recap – April 8th

MONDAY: Body Pump

TUESDAY: 5.6 miles outside

WEDNESDAY: Rest – I needed a night off to be an introvert 🙂

THURDSAY: Rest – choir rehearsal

FRIDAY: Rest – taught three voice lessons

SATURDAY: Chocoholic Frolic 10k – recap coming shortly!

SUNDAY: 2 mile walk to loosen up the legs

April Mileage: 13.8 miles

YTD Mileage: 107.1 miles

Notes: I had a very busy week with both running and music – it was wonderful! Plus, I PR-ed at the Chocoholic Frolic 10k (despite crappy weather and crappy hills). I’m planning to start integrating some swimming and other cross-training cardio options as I continue to ramp up mileage to give my legs and body time to recover.

Happy running, everyone!

How is April starting off for you? Has the weather cooperated for outdoor exercising in your neck of the woods?


Apparently, I Am Out of Shape

Yep…I really thought all my running meant I was in better shape than I am. I went with my friend to try Body Pump and Yoga at the local YMCA this past Monday, and I am STILL SORE. I foolishly thought that running (and watching my legs lean-up) meant they were strong and in shape…try some squats, my friends. Smile

I really enjoyed the Body Pump class though – it was 60 minutes long and it broke up all the different muscle groups and exercises so it wasn’t as boring and monotonous as lifting weights can sometimes seem. Even though I enjoyed the class, I spent the majority of class internally cursing myself for letting myself get so out of shape. Before Dan and I got married, we started seeing a personal trainer (Jose was the BEST) and with his help, we both lost weight and gained strength. It’s really tough remembering how much I used to be able to do and how little I’m currently able to do. Oh well, I went and moved my body and that’s what mattered.

So, after KILLING myself at Body Pump, we headed to Yoga which turned out to be a really stupid idea. My muscles were done – fatigued to the point I had to grasp the handrail when walking downstairs because my legs felt like jelly. Luckily, the yoga class happened to be led by the NICEST instructor EVER. As we were trying poses, my muscles were shaking so badly that I couldn’t do anything. I decided about halfway through class that I would just use this as stretching and meditating, and that’s essentially what I did. Our lovely instructor kept saying “everyone is doing their best – this isn’t a place for judgment” – I must have looked a mess! So, I know I would love attending this again in the future, but preferably NOT after Body Pump.

I am writing all of this on Thursday and I still can’t lift my arms properly. The runs I’ve gone on the past couple days have helped loosen up the legs, but boy my muscles are enjoying reminding me that they exist and need some attention! I’m a little concerned that the heavy leg work might not be the best idea with training for a half, since I felt quite pokey as the legs just weren’t cooperating. Anyone else run into this issue?

Completely off-topic, but I finally tried the new Starbucks Hazelnut Macchiato Latte, and I’m a fan:


Sbux = Yummy!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Since I didn’t get to fully enjoy the yoga at the Y, does anyone have a DVD or studio in the Minneapolis area they recommend?

For Someone Who Hates Being in Pictures…

…perhaps starting a blog was a really stupid idea! Ugh…this probably should be my goal for March, huh? Two steps: #1 remember to take the pictures, and #2 get comfortable being in pictures. I always tease my friend Brenda whenever she wants to take a picture of us (she is the picture-taking queen!) because I hate being in pictures, BUT, I really love that those moments are documented to enjoy in the future.

Also, I suck at taking pictures:

IMG_20130307_110031Awkward smile, WEIRD colors, back-lit, etc.

My intention in the above picture had been to document one of the last times I’m going to get to wear my penguin hat running before the cold weather leaves us (which should be VERY soon), but after four or five attempts, this was the best I could do and even it looks weird. So, I guess my picture taking goal now has three parts: #3 try to take decent-looking pictures.

Along with the picture taking, I want to start incorporating strength training into my exercise routine. I’m so bad about this because it’s not something I enjoy. I am signed up for this summer’s Warrior Dash again, and I’d like to be able to complete more of the challenges (or rather FULLY complete the challenges – I at least attempted everything last year). Hey look – I have a picture from last year’s Warrior Dash!


Our shirts proclaimed that we “Leave No Warrior Behind”

So to summarize, in March I plan to:

1. Enjoy taking decent-looking pictures

2. Incorporate strength training into my routine

Do any of you make monthly goals? If so, please share in the comments!