Weekend trip to Fargo/Moorhead

Yesterday I drove up to Fargo/Moorhead to visit my dear friend and her husband before she gives birth to their first baby (which could happen any day now!). As always, we had a really fun and relaxing weekend. A and I met in college (she was my first close friend I met) and spent three years in choir together. We were roommates on choir tour, and she has seen my at my worst and still speaks to me and I feel incredibly blessed to have her in my life.

Katy and Anna circa 2005

Katy and A circa 2005

We started the weekend with pedicures, and then bopped over to Starbucks for some catching up as we hadn’t seen each other since October. A and her husband share my love for all things Disney, so it was really fun to get to talk about the W&D Half we’re planning on running in this fall. Maybe she and her hubby and baby-to-be will come and cheer Dan and me on???

For dinner, we hit up Duane’s house of pizza which was a staple for Dan and I during college. It was as amazing as I remembered and oh-so-satisfying. Earlier in the day we had bought cupcakes from Angel Cups for dessert, so we were pretty excited to head home and indulge (and indulge ourselves we did)!



Today, we went and walked around the mall to try and encourage baby to come, and stopped and Sephora where I picked up a couple new items I’m SUPER psyched to try tomorrow morning.


Sephora goodies

Since A wasn’t feeling any contractions (and I *promise* that was the real reason we were shopping!!), we decided to hit up DSW as I had decided I wanted some new boots. Of course, I didn’t end up purchasing new boots, but instead got some gold and sparkly peep-toe heels that I am super psyched to wear…perhaps to a fancy anniversary dinner while in Disney (there’s even a crown inside the shoe!)?? Check them out:


When I left Moorhead, there was still no indication baby was on the way, but at least I got a successful day of shopping out of trying to induce labor!! I can’t wait until my next trip up, because I will be visiting A, hubby, and baby!