KT Tape Review

So I’ve been using the KT Tape for roughly three weeks now, and I thought I’d share my thoughts on it.

Firstly, I think it’s probably a good idea to go to a doctor/physical therapist and get aches and pains medically diagnosed. I’ve been trying to be REALLY cheap medically since my allergic reaction last fall that essentially drained my HSA, so I self-diagnosed myself initially with Achilles Tendonitis. I ended up taping my ankle based upon that false diagnosis, and the tape actually made the pain worse.

I did a little more digging and self-diagnosing and determined that I more likely suffer from Peroneal Tendonitis (the pain is in the back of my ankle, but travels to the outside of the ankle as well). I went on to KT Tape’s website to find the new taping instructions (they have a video plus a PDF you can download), and taped up my ankle for the second time.


After wearing the tape for a few runs over the course of a few weeks, I can say I’m absolutely a fan. It doesn’t take away the pain completely, but it’s given me added flexibility and I can really tell the difference the morning after runs. Typically, I limp downstairs due to stiffness/pain that usually subsides after a few minutes walking around. Since using the KT Tape, I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in that there is no pain and only mild stiffness.

I know I still need to get to the doctor, BUT, I can see how this product will be beneficial to me in the future with other aches and pains I’m sure to develop as I continue on my running journey.

Happy running, everyone!

Does anyone else do anything to help with their aches and pains associated with exercise?


Grandma’s Half Marathon–here we come!

Today started off with some exciting news…Dan and I were selected in the Grandma’s Half Marathon Lottery which means we are heading to Duluth June 22nd! Everyone who has ever run in Grandma’s (either half or full) has raved and raved about the course and atmosphere, and I’m so excited that we get to experience it this year! It also helps that we will have some motivation after a very cold, cold winter.

After work today, I taught a voice lesson which was fun as always. I really love that all my students are at different stages in learning and singing – the variety keeps things exciting and quite fulfilling for me.

Typically on Mondays, we have been having most of the framily (we refer to our close friends as the “framily” Smile) over to re-watch Dawson’s Creek which has been a BLAST. We are on Season 2, and it’s been a most wonderful trip down memory lane. At any rate, there’s some sickness going around, so instead of DC, Dan and I headed to the store to check out clearance winter items and for me to pick up some KT tape. I’ve been intrigued ever since seeing all they Olympians wearing the tape over the summer games, and decided to finally pull the trigger and try some out. I’ve had ankle issues for the past year and I haven’t gone to the doctor to get it checked out because I’m scared they will tell me to stay off it (which I don’t think I could handle). After much debating, I picked up the blue tape:


And after searching online for the correct tutorial, I taped up my ankle:


I’m really excited to see how it holds up for my run tomorrow and hopefully I will find some relief.

All in all, today was an unexpectedly fantastic day…and it was a Monday of all days!