I’m Addicted to Races

Seriously – I had to cut myself off because I still find myself searching for more and more to sign up for. I need (see how I do that, start justifying this by using words like “need” instead of “want”?!) to sign up for a couple 10 milers this summer/fall to help get acclimated to running long distances prior to Disney, so I’ll have to lift the moratorium at some point. Smile

It’s going to be a really fun spring (if it ever arrives!!) and summer for sure – here’s what I am currently signed up for:

Run or Dye “Fun” Run 5k – May 4th


Photo courtesy Run or Dye

I am VERY excited for this run, because the Nelson side of the family decided at Easter to make it a family event. I’m unsure how many of us ended up signing up, but it should be around 10 people. I am such a “family” girl, so the thought of sharing a race with my family is pretty incredible.

Rave Run “Fun” Run 5k – May 10th

This should be a fun run, too, because it’s a night race and I LOVE night races. The husband and I are running this one with a friend, so it should be a blast. Glow in the dark sticks, neon lights, and a promise of an after-party also have me psyched.

Grandma’s Half-Marathon – June 22nd

Image taken from Grandma’s Half website

I am SO excited to get to experience Grandma’s this year – we were luckily selected in the lottery (I’ve read the chances of being selected are roughly 50/50), so the ability to get to run this seems even more special. I’ve heard raves about Grandma’s for years (even before I cared about running), and am so excited to see what the hype is all about. I checked and there is a net-decrease in elevation, so I’m hoping a PR will be in store for me as well.

Warrior Dash 5k Mud Run – June 29th


This will be my second year doing the Warrior Dash – it is held at one of Minnesota’s downhill skill areas (which apparently is laughable to those from mountainous states), so nearly the entire course is straight uphill. I’m hoping that the Body Pump and additional running will help with my endurance this year as I absolutely left room for improvement last year!

Color Run “Fun” Run – July 14th


This will be my second year doing the Color Run. It was such a blast last year, I am excited for a repeat this year!

Twilight 5k – July 27th


This will be my second year doing the Twilight 5k, but I’m looking forward to this race because it’s a night race (hence “twilight”), and I PR-ed here last year (before PR-ing again later in the season). I’m hoping for a repeat PR this year!

Disney Wine and Dine Half-Marathon – November 9th


I am most excited about this race! Not only is it in my favorite place on Earth, but, this is what got me hooked on the blogging world! Dan and I had been planning to take a trip to Disney the week of November 9th, but soon discovered W&D Half was also that weekend, so we had to race it. We will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary, so it should be a pretty special trip in more ways than one!

As you can see, I’m looking a little empty from August through October, so I’ll need (there I go again with “need” Smile with tongue out) to find a race or two to fill them up.

Happy racing and running, everyone!

What are some of your upcoming races? Is there a race you’re really looking forward to? Why?


Grandma’s Half Marathon–here we come!

Today started off with some exciting news…Dan and I were selected in the Grandma’s Half Marathon Lottery which means we are heading to Duluth June 22nd! Everyone who has ever run in Grandma’s (either half or full) has raved and raved about the course and atmosphere, and I’m so excited that we get to experience it this year! It also helps that we will have some motivation after a very cold, cold winter.

After work today, I taught a voice lesson which was fun as always. I really love that all my students are at different stages in learning and singing – the variety keeps things exciting and quite fulfilling for me.

Typically on Mondays, we have been having most of the framily (we refer to our close friends as the “framily” Smile) over to re-watch Dawson’s Creek which has been a BLAST. We are on Season 2, and it’s been a most wonderful trip down memory lane. At any rate, there’s some sickness going around, so instead of DC, Dan and I headed to the store to check out clearance winter items and for me to pick up some KT tape. I’ve been intrigued ever since seeing all they Olympians wearing the tape over the summer games, and decided to finally pull the trigger and try some out. I’ve had ankle issues for the past year and I haven’t gone to the doctor to get it checked out because I’m scared they will tell me to stay off it (which I don’t think I could handle). After much debating, I picked up the blue tape:


And after searching online for the correct tutorial, I taped up my ankle:


I’m really excited to see how it holds up for my run tomorrow and hopefully I will find some relief.

All in all, today was an unexpectedly fantastic day…and it was a Monday of all days!