Disney World, Here We Come!

Well, we’ll be heading there in eight months, BUT, the trip has been booked! When Dan got his new job back in December, most of the vacation days for 2013 were already taken, so he took off the one week that was left: November 11-15th. This actually ended up working great for two reasons: 1) it’s the week after our anniversary, so we can treat the week as an anniversary trip, and 2) it’s the week after Disney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon!

I have been reading so many recap blogs on last year’s W&D Half, and I am SO EXCITED that we finally get to run in a runDisney race! We booked our trip through Heather @ Through Heather’s Looking Glass, and now all that’s left is the registration for the race which opens on Tuesday. I am anxious about the race filling up quickly, so I will be purchasing our entries as soon as humanly possible!

We have decided to stay at Port Orleans Riverside which is where we stayed at our honeymoon (or as I like to call it, our Disneymoon). We may adjust the first few days of our trip based upon which resorts are host resorts for the race, but we’re crossing our fingers that Riverside will be selected as a host resort!

Since I am not making a whole lot of progress with the remembering to take pictures part of my goals, enjoy some photos from our Disneymoon back in 2009:


We were rocking our “Just Married” buttons!


Port Orleans Riverside – our room was straight ahead and a little to the left


At the PO Riverside resort with the Sassagoula River in the background


They had started decorating for Christmas – tree outside of Hollywood Studios


Waiting in line for the Toy Story Midway Mania – we were given two fast passes by a couple who had two extra because they had come to Disney on their honeymoon and wanted to pay-it-forward. Hopefully we get to return the favor and pay-it-forward to another couple in the future!



Hanging out in Norway and celebrating Dan’s Norwegian roots!


One of my favorite memories from the trip: Donald proposing!


And then posing for a nice picture Smile

November can’t come fast enough!! Happy running and traveling, everyone!

Is anyone else out there planning on signing up for Disney’s Wine and Dine Half this year?


Weekend trip to Fargo/Moorhead

Yesterday I drove up to Fargo/Moorhead to visit my dear friend and her husband before she gives birth to their first baby (which could happen any day now!). As always, we had a really fun and relaxing weekend. A and I met in college (she was my first close friend I met) and spent three years in choir together. We were roommates on choir tour, and she has seen my at my worst and still speaks to me and I feel incredibly blessed to have her in my life.

Katy and Anna circa 2005

Katy and A circa 2005

We started the weekend with pedicures, and then bopped over to Starbucks for some catching up as we hadn’t seen each other since October. A and her husband share my love for all things Disney, so it was really fun to get to talk about the W&D Half we’re planning on running in this fall. Maybe she and her hubby and baby-to-be will come and cheer Dan and me on???

For dinner, we hit up Duane’s house of pizza which was a staple for Dan and I during college. It was as amazing as I remembered and oh-so-satisfying. Earlier in the day we had bought cupcakes from Angel Cups for dessert, so we were pretty excited to head home and indulge (and indulge ourselves we did)!



Today, we went and walked around the mall to try and encourage baby to come, and stopped and Sephora where I picked up a couple new items I’m SUPER psyched to try tomorrow morning.


Sephora goodies

Since A wasn’t feeling any contractions (and I *promise* that was the real reason we were shopping!!), we decided to hit up DSW as I had decided I wanted some new boots. Of course, I didn’t end up purchasing new boots, but instead got some gold and sparkly peep-toe heels that I am super psyched to wear…perhaps to a fancy anniversary dinner while in Disney (there’s even a crown inside the shoe!)?? Check them out:


When I left Moorhead, there was still no indication baby was on the way, but at least I got a successful day of shopping out of trying to induce labor!! I can’t wait until my next trip up, because I will be visiting A, hubby, and baby!

Everyone has to start somewhere!


Dan and Katy on our Disneymoon in 2009

Recently I have been searching online for reviews of runDisney races, as the husband and I are planning on running in Disney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon later this year. Through the many recaps I’ve found, I discovered a wonderful community of bloggers who seem just as obsessed with running and Disney as I am, and I discovered that this is a community I want to join! Thus, running&singinginthepark was born!

I live in St. Louis Park, MN with my wonderful husband, Dan, and our two cats, Alma and Gustav (named after the composer Gustav Mahler and his wife Alma). I started on my running journey three years ago while we were still living in Columbus, Ohio, and after a brief break in 2010, I have become more and more of a running fanatic. I joined a couple running groups here in the Twin Cities and haven’t looked back.

In addition to running, music is a very large part of my life (hopefully that’s fairly apparent from the naming of the cats! :)). I recently began teaching voice lessons out of my home on a part-time basis last year, and it has turned out to be one of the most fulfilling journeys I’ve ever embarked on. I’m also the alto section leader in a community choir based here in the Twin Cities.

So, without further ado, let’s get the show on the road!