About Katy

Welcome! My name is Katy and I live in St. Louis Park, MN (a suburb of Minneapolis) with my wonderful husband, Dan, and two cats named Gustav and Alma (and for the music nerds out there, we named them after Gustav and Alma Mahler). Music was my first passion, but in 2010, I started running and discovered something that has helped me grow in more ways than I realize. I started racing with my first 5k in 2011 and completed my first half-marathon in 2012. I should probably also mention that Dan and I are huge Disney fanatics. 🙂

I teach voice lessons out of my house (and in theory piano lessons, too, but have yet to sign up a piano student) and work for a manufacturing/construction company during the day. I joined Moms on the Run this past winter to gain some structure in my running schedule, and for a little added accountability. No kiddos yet for us, so I joke that I’m a potential “mom” on the run. Additionally, last December I was diagnosed with Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis (EIA for short) meaning that I sometimes have severe allergic reactions during exercise. Since the diagnosis, it’s important for me to always run with others and make sure I have my Epi-pen close by in case a reaction should occur.

I look forward to meeting others and hopefully gaining some new friends through this wonderful blogging world. 🙂


Reindeer Run 2012


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