Race Recap: Run or Dye 5k St. Paul

Today the high for the day is 68 degrees (spring…are you back for good?) whereas yesterday, the high was 47. When we woke up, the air temp was 32 with it feeling like 27 – this spring run was going to be a winter run after all! I’m happy to report that the cold weather didn’t stop the Neato Nelsons from gearing up for Run or Dye and having a blast despite the less-than-ideal weather situation!! Along with Dan, we had my Aunt B and her son, my cousin, D, and my Uncle J and Aunt C. My cousin J and his girlfriend A were also running the race, but they had signed up with a group of friends so we didn’t catch up with them until after the race.

When we left the house, I decided I was going to have a great time no matter how cold or rainy it turned out to be. Luckily, it didn’t rain for the entire race or I think it would have been a huge mental challenge to stay positive!

image  Dan was feeling silly on the shuttle as we were making our way to the race! After seeing the picture Dan proclaimed, “apparently the duck face doesn’t work for everyone!” 😛


We got a nice one in once we got to the race

We met up with the rest of the family and got in line for the start. The pre-race vamping and music was surprisingly entertaining – I thought they handled keeping up engaged and positive in crappy weather was phenomenal. They had decided to send out runners in waves roughly every five minutes or so, so we ended up having to wait about 25 minutes before getting to the start. The announcer had everyone count down from 10 for each wave – when it got to be our turn, the announcer asked us to fulfill a dream of his: after we got to zero, and since we’re Minnesotans, he wanted us to scream “you betcha!”. It was hilarious, because as he asked us to do this, the entire crowd responded with, “oh yah, yah betcha!” – so, he got to hear it twice! 😉

We ran the race with my cousin, D, and he’s a talker, so it made the race fly by. He was nice enough to go slower with Dan and I (he’s young and speedy by nature) and it was nice to have different company and a different person to talk to. There weren’t many color stops along the race (the Color Run throws color at you ever kilometer), and the colors were only yellow and green. That really is my only complaint of the entire race – it would have been nice to have more color stops along with more variety in colors.

Before we knew it, the race was over and we went over to the stage where they were having the “color throw” where everyone threw up the color in the packets they were provided with at once which resulted in a cloud of every color imaginable. there was so much color in the air that it got dark like during a bad storm. SO. MUCH. FUN.

Here are some post-race photos:

imageimage image image

I would absolutely recommend this fun run to anyone who is looking for a well-run, fun, and family-friendly race. I will absolutely we signing up next year.

After the race, we went to grab burgers at Burger Moe’s and the food was incredible and totally hit the spot. As we arrived, everyone commented how Dan looked like a zombie, but I saw something different – a bonus photo for you all as I present “Grumpy Dan”:

image image



Ugh…MORE snow. I can’t handle this; I just can’t do it much longer. I want to get out and run. I want to wear my new skirts and summer running clothes. I want to grill. I want to have drinks on the patio. I want to start my garden. I want to sleep with the windows open. I want Minnesota to act like it’s MAY!!

Ok…ranting over, and onto happy things:

  1. I ran my first mile UNDER 10 minutes! At Moms on the Run on Tuesday, we ran a timed mile so we can compare our progress over the course of the “summer” (sorry, I had to had the sarcastic quotes because it is SNOWING right now!!). I told Dan before I left home that I was aiming to run under 11 minutes, because I thought that was doable. Maybe Body Pump is starting to pay off?? Either way, my goal of running a 5k in 30 minutes or less seems way more feasible than it did a week ago!
  2. First two choir concerts went really well. If you’re in the Twin Cities metro-area, you must come to our last concert this Sunday at Augsburg College in Minneapolis. Everything clicked for us and we’re having a fantastic season. Here’s a link to a YouTube recording of one of the songs we’ll be performing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS8ETIs8dQE. See if you can spot me! 😉
  3. Tomorrow we are running in a fun run: Run or Dye! We are running this one with part of the Nelson clan, so it should be a blast. It’s going to rain and it’s going to be cold, but I am DETERMINED to have a fabulous time!
  4. I’m officially down a jean size! I’ve been struggling with body image and weight since I can remember, so if I’m being honest, that’s why I started running and 50% of why I keep running. I am my own worst critic and can be so negative towards my body, BUT, I’ve found that with running, I have a hard time staying mad at myself for looking a certain way because I’m actively trying to better myself. Even though I acknowledge I have a long way to go on this journey of self-love and respect, I’m making progress by losing weight in a healthy manner.
  5. I had a great hair day yesterday: 
    Good hair day!

    Good hair day!

So that’s all I’ve got on this wintry, “spring” Friday.

Anyone else have a race planned for this weekend?