Something’s Gotta Give

So…I blinked and it’s now April 3rd! This means, time for a new set of monthly goals. Last month I wasn’t terribly successful (I need to take more pictures!), so here’s a late-entry for a bonus point:


I got a haircut!

As I consider what I want to focus on this month, I have Ella Fitzgerald’s version of “Something’s Gotta Give” running through my head.

Ella Fitzgerald

Often, songs pop into my head that perfectly describe how I’m feeling at the moment – it’s completely subconscious and usually neat (unless it’s an obnoxious song such as “Tubthumping”…I know, what kind of crazy subconscious mind do I have?!). At any rate, I’m feeling spread thin. I am part of a running club that starts running 2x/week shortly, choir that rehearses weekly, I teach lessons two nights per week, blogging, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and oh, my job that has picked up in workload recently. Also, I am an introvert, so I gain energy from alone time which I have been severely lacking in. I found this a few months back and boy does it resonate with me – check it out:


I feel that I’m at the point where I’m on the edge of a breakdown, which typically consists of shutting down and doing nothing. I think part of the reason why I’ve been able to continue with such a busy schedule for so long is that I genuinely am enjoying everything I’m involved in. I love teaching – it brings more joy to me (and hopefully my students!) than I thought it would. I love singing and making music. I love being physically active. I love the fact that I’m getting to know a young person and hopefully be a positive adult role model. I love connecting with other runners and music lovers in this amazing blogging world. So what now?

After many days of pondering, “what now?”, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to get comfortable having a busy life. I need to get comfortable living outside of my comfort zone. So, that’s my goal for April – get comfortable with the new me.

And take more pictures…I still need to take more pictures. Smile

Are any of the rest of you busy people? How do you cope?


7 thoughts on “Something’s Gotta Give

  1. Wow, that graphic was actually really interesting!

    To be honest, I actually used to be a lot busier when I was at my old job than I am now, and I sort of miss it. I find that when I’m busier I am more productive because I have to really plan and stick to a schedule to accomplish everything I need to do, whereas now that I have a lot more time I tend to procrastinate and actually find that I am LESS productive than I was when I was busier! Crazy!

    • That is crazy! That actually reminds me of when I used to work in a restaurant – usually, the kitchen was working the fastest during busy times and dragging during slow times. I like the perspective – thanks!

  2. I know a lot about being busy especially this past year at work (averaging about 60 hours a week). I need sleep to recover and breaks away from everyday life. About every 6-8 weeks I take a mini vacation for the weekend to recharge and recuperate. Sometimes this is just unplugging at home or playing tourist around here and ignoring anything and everything work related.

    Stay healthy, get some sleep and you’ll get through and find a good mix that works for you. 🙂

  3. *Raises Hand* Busy introvert here. I feel tired all of the time. I read something on Linked In today about blocking off 60-90 mins in your calendar at work if you can so that others can’t use up that time – and use it for catching up on blog reading, emails, etc.

    I actually started waking up early (without sacrificing sleep – I usually get 7.5 hrs!) to have mornings to myself – walk the dog, drink coffee, read/write blogs, etc.I love this morning time, and it gets me charged up for the day.

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