Weekly Recap–March 11th

MONDAY:  Rest – teaching day

TUESDAY: Rest – snowstorm shut down the track

WEDNESDAY: 3.8 miles outside – felt GREAT to get outside! Plus, teaching after running

THURSDAY: Rest – choir night

FRIDAY: Rest – teaching day

SATURDAY: Ran 50 minutes on the track which was approx. 3.5 miles

SUNDAY: Rest – my friend from TX was in town and I had to meet her baby!

March Mileage: 14.6 miles

YTD Mileage: 60.7 miles*

Notes: I am hoping that with daylight savings, I’ll be able to do runs after teaching on Mondays and Fridays since it will be lighter longer. Also, I am very excited for spring so that winter will stop getting in the way of my training! I love MN, but this winter is killing me with snowstorms and cold temps seemingly to arrive EVERY weekend.

Goal Progress: Well, I left a lot to be desired this week – no strength training and minimal picture taking. Looking to step it up this coming week!

Happy running, everyone!

*according my Garmin…I’ll be better about keeping track of mileage going forward

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